Real Estate Content Writing

The internet has opened up a new world of independence for real estate professionals. However, this freedom comes with the immense responsibility of self-promotion. As an independent realtor or rental company, you can’t rely on big-name agencies to market you. High-quality content marketing is crucial for self-promotion in the real estate industry. But after client walk-throughs and maintenance, where can you find the time to write quality content for your real estate business?

Content Writing Services offers specialized content writing services for real estate industry professionals, such as:

  • Commercial and residential property owners
  • Real estate agents
  • Mortgage Experts and Lenders
  • Property management companies
  • Airbnb Hosts

Property Descriptions

As a real estate professional, you know that appealing property descriptions are essential. Yet so many real estate listings simply state the address, the MLS number and other basic information. This approach not only decreases your pool of buyers. It does a great disservice to homebuyers who may miss out on their dream home just because they passed on a boring listing.

Our team of professional real estate writers will ramp up your property descriptions by:

  • Storytelling– An effective property listing should paint a picture in the minds of potential customers. Expert storytellers enhance the features of your property and show potential clients what makes your property special.
  • Creating irresistible headlines– Exceptional headlines are the key to getting your real estate listing seen by potential buyers.
  • Optimizing your listings for SEO– We’ll help you choose practical long-tail keywords, generate backlinks, and get your listings seen on Google search results pages.
  • Crafting effective CTAs – Whether you plan to offer free brochures to expand your email list or ask potential customers to arrange a walk-through, we’ll help you craft tempting Calls to Action.

Real Estate Agent Bios

Your personality is one of your greatest assets as a real estate professional. A ridiculous number of new real estate licenses are issued every year. You need to stand out among the sea of faces with a stellar realtor bio. Our expert real estate copywriters will highlight your credentials while letting your personality shine through. We’ll create realtor bios that show your clients the many ways that you can help them find their dream home or office space.

Real Estate Blogging

Whether your ideal client is a young urban professional or a middle-income family, trust is one of the most important things that matters to homebuyers or potential renters. An informative and engaging blog is your key to competing with the big name real estate agencies.

Content Writing Services will help you become known as an expert in your area by including professionally-written blog articles such as:

  • Restaurant Guides
  • Blogging about seasonal events
  • Neighborhood Guides
  • Safety data
  • Tips to prepare homes for sellers
  • Mortgage Guides
  • Tips for new homebuyers
  • SEO-optimized evergreen content

Professionally-written blog articles keep giving you returns on your investment long after the original publication. Real estate articles can be repurposed for use on forums like AgentsOnline and BiggerPockets. You can even host a blog on popular sites like Trulia and share articles with the enormous audience on Zillow.

Landing Pages and Ad Copy

Effective landing pages are crucial for any business, but it’s doubly true for the real estate and rental market. We’ll analyze your sales funnels and provide you with well-crafted, effective Calls to Action so that you can grow your contact list and convert new clients.

Content Writing for Airbnb Hosts

Excellent property descriptions and platform profiles are a must for Airbnb hosts. Enticing copy will put you ahead of the competition. We’ll also work with you to create effective guest instruction manuals so that you can avoid many potential hassles and misunderstandings.

Website Analysis, SEO-Optimization and Ongoing Maintenance

We’ll coordinate with your team to find out what works and what can be improved with your existing real estate website. Like the housing industry, Google algorithms constantly change. We’ll keep your site up-to-date with search engine changes and ensure that your marketing efforts get you more leads.

Keep your units full.

Earn more commissions.

Build community.

Let us help you create a booming real estate business with professional content writing.

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